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Safety First, Always

When you’re on Vivah Yog, your privacy is paramount. We understand that sharing your personal details is based on trust. That's why we have top-notch security to protect your information. You have total control over who sees your contact number and who doesn’t. It's not just about keeping your details safe; it's about giving you peace of mind.

Trusted matrimony site

Vivah Yog isn’t just a matrimony site; it's a brand that has woven trust into its very fabric. With a legacy of successful matches, this platform has proven time and again that it is the go-to place for finding your perfect match in India. Here, every success story adds to the trust placed in us by millions.

Matches Tailored for You

Forget the one-size-fits-all approach. Vivah Yog personalizes your search for love. The site gets to know you, your lifestyle, and what you’re looking for in a partner. This means you get match suggestions that truly fit what you want in your life partner, making the search not just effective but also enjoyable.

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Marwadi Matrimony: Uniting Souls in the Land of Magnificent Traditions!

A journey of love and commitment with Vivah Yog, where we bring the heart of Marwadi traditions to the grand matrimonial stage! Are you in search of someone who understands the depths of your roots, the joy of your dances, and the richness of your cuisine? We're here to make this sacred union not just a dream but a beautiful reality!

Marwadi matrimony is not just about matching horoscopes; it's about finding someone whomatches the rhythm of your Ghoomar dance and respects the legacy of your ancestors. At Vivah Yog, we bring together Marwadi singles from different communities, providing you with a space to find someone who resonates with your principles and palate!

We understand that every Marwadi prince and princess is looking for a tale that's nothing short of folklore. Whether you're from the sun-kissed deserts or the bustling cities, our platform offers you a variety of profiles that suit your preference for a partner whois as regal, grounded, or adventurous as you wish them to be!

Marwadi families are a tight-knit bunch, and we’re here to keep it that way! With Vivah Yog, experience a matrimony service that understands the importance of community values, familial bonds, and the blend of modernity with tradition. Find someone who’s ready to uphold these values while scripting a love story that’s uniquely yours.

Sameer and Ganga
Mohit and Priya
Digvijay and Madhu

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're seeking someone from a business background, a specific community like the Maheshwaris or Agarwals, or someone who shares your love for Marwadi folklore, our platform's advanced filters cater to your diverse and unique preferences.

Absolutely, each profile undergoes a thorough screening process. We at Vivah Yog are committed to providing a safe, genuine, and secure platform for your search for love and companionship.

Indeed, our network extends across regions, both within India and globally. Whether you're searching for Marwadi singles from Rajasthan, Mumbai, or overseas, we've bridged these distances online.

Yes, from navigating through various profiles to initiating conversations and setting up meetings, we provide end-to-end guidance to ensure a seamless, comfortable, and memorable experience.

While we cherish traditions, we also understand and accommodate modern preferences. Whether it's about pursuing higher education, career aspirations, or lifestyle choices, find like-minded individuals who share your contemporary outlook.

Love knows no boundaries, not even cultural ones. Vivah Yog encourages and supports alliances within various cultures, facilitating a space where hearts meet beyond cultural lines.

Weadopt stringent privacy policies to safeguard your personal information and communication. Your journey with us is confidential, and the control of your data rests solely in your hands.

Yes, we often organize community-specific matrimonial events, providing an opportunity for interactive meetups, where individuals and families can connect, communicate, and commence their beautiful journey together.